Get A Lifetime Guarantee

On Europe’s Leading Magnetic Pocket Door System

Get A Lifetime Guarantee

On Europe’s Leading Magnetic Pocket Door System

Patented Magnetic System

25 Year Leader in the European Market

Patented Magnetic System

25 Year Leader in the European Market

3 Common Problems 
With Ordinary Pocket Doors


They limit your architectural design

While designing a new home, you want to create as much interesting living space as possible. Standard doors need to swing out, which means there’s an entire arc of space that can’t be utilized. Typical pocket doors are cheap and run on tracks that wear out – which inevitably causes issues with opening and closing them.


They’ll need to be replaced

The tracks on ordinary pocket doors get misaligned or filthy… which makes your door almost impossible to move. Sometimes the wheels fall off their tracks and they’re a pain to fix.


They’re LOUD

Whenever you move them along their tracks, they squeal and bang the interior frame.  So much money is spent on making the rest of the home unique – why install a sliding door frame that will depreciate everything else?

Strong As An Ox
Quiet Like A Mouse
7 Benefits of the World's Best Pocket Door System


Versatile Tracks

Doors in Mondoor® systems aren’t hung off tracks that require wheels. They float in their own magnetic field – which means ceiling tracks can run through several rooms without interruption.

A good example of when this feature can be utilized is in hospitals. There are many moving parts to medical institutions, from from x-ray machines to mobile IV stands.

Mondoor® frames are the only pocket door frames that can support ceiling tracks, as seen in this video.



Can you hear that? That blissful quiet? No more squealing door tracks and messy lubricants! Mondoor’s floating system ensures your door makes nearly no sound as it floats open or closed.


Auto Return

The steel frame is built so your door does not slam into the wall. Instead it bounces gently back and never gets lodged inside its pocket. 


Light and Strong

Mondoor systems makes your door float in its pocket. There’s no longer a track with wheels – instead, there is a magnetic conductor that keeps your door aloft.

Mondoor magnetics can hold up to 450 lbs of weight.


Easy Install

Your Mondoor system comes with an easy step-by-step instruction manual on how to install your door within the Mondoor frame. Watch how it’s done in this video →

Not comfortable doing it yourself? We can install the system for you.


Space Efficient

A Mondoor doesn’t swing in or out. It slips into the wall. So as you design a new home, you can draw out more functional space instead of worrying about the swinging arc of a standard door.


Custom Sizings

If the door you wish to use in your Mondoor® system isn’t a standard size (you can find standard measurements on our products page), we custom build your system to perfectly fit your door.

Your Next Pocket Door System
Options to Choose From

In-Wall System

The door slips seamlessly into your wall with a simple push. You’ll never have to maintain it, it’s whisper quiet, and you’ll be the first house in your neighbourhood to have one.

Front-Of-Wall System

Similar to a barn door style, this system slides over your wall, not into it. Our front-of-the-wall system isn’t as complicated to install because you don’t have to worry about cutting into your wall to create an internal pocket for the steel frame.